FloCATS Social Campaign

How do we celebrate another epic basketball season coming to a close?

Well, since the internet runs on cats, we created a storyline around Flo's fictitious Flocats basketball team. The story played out on Facebook and Twitter via videos of Flo's..um...reality and images and animations of the season she dreamt of that ultimately got away.  

We even got famous internet cat Samhaseyebrows in on the action.

Role: Creative Director

Sam partnered with Progressive and made Flo's team! He's practicing his roster headshot pose...#flosanity #flocats with Flo, the Progressive Girl

Posted by Samhaseyebrows on Friday, April 3, 2015


Creative Directors: Deb Grant, Mark Billows

Art Director: Anna-Ruth Watts

Copywriter: Thom Crowley

Social Media Managers: Carrie Mahoney, Ryan Vinnicombe

Social Strategy: Matt Shaw

Broadcast Producer: Phoebe Cole