Reality Drop Social Game

Al Gore and The Climate Reality Project asked us to help them fight climate change deniers online. Climate change is a scientific problem, and a heated political issue. Cutting through all that emotion means representing complex scientific information clearly and accurately. To find the solution, we broke the problem down into three areas: Find climate news on the web. Connect it to relevant science. And activate our supporters to engage deniers. The result is Reality Drop, a news-based social gaming tool that finds climate news from around the web and prioritizes hot topics that need attention. 

The game has been talked about on PSFK and featured on Fast Co.Create.

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2014 Effie Awards Bronze
2013 Andy Awards Bronze
2013 One Show Interactive Merit
2013 Webby Awards Honoree
2013 Addy Awards Silver
2013 Montreux Golden Award

Role: Art Director/Designer


Chief Creative Officer: Pete Favat

Creative Directors: Meg Siegal, Mike Howard and Fearless Cottage

Art Director/Designer: Deb Grant

Copywriters: Mike Howard and Samantha Jo Gutglass

Additional Designers: Jon Casey , Chuck Seelye and Jeff Oeth

Reality Drop Logo & Branding: Deb Grant

Strategist/Producer: Brendon Volpe

Backend Developer: Vermonster

UI Developer: Fion Kou

Information Architect: Kate Tetreault